Volunteer Spotlight – Elizabeth Vandor

Our horses work hard to serve the community – and so Endeavor is very lucky to have some notable community members work hard for them. Elizabeth Vandor, a Masterson Method trainee and certified Tellington Touch (T-Touch) practitioner, volunteers her services to our horses regularly, and so it’s no surprise that they seem to appreciate her as much as we do!

Elizabeth volunteers her time weekly, and uses both T-Touch and Masterson Method with our horses, spending about an hour per horse per visit. Both methods are based on a compassionate interaction with the horse, which Elizabeth says drew her to the practices to begin with. We (horses included) are so appreciative of her time and skills, and love to see our horses getting some well-earned TLC.

Elizabeth enjoyed riding earlier in life, and competed in jumping and equitation before taking a hiatus from the sport for several years. She became interested in T-Touch and Masterson Method as a way to reconnect with horses. Elizabeth dedicated 4 years to completing her T-Touch certification, participating in 4 clinics, and submitting 10 equine case histories, which required at least 3 sessions per horse. She is currently working on her Masterson Method certification, and has also taken up riding again, choosing to focus on dressage. If you have a service or skill to volunteer to Endeavor, please get in touch! Email Tamlyn.Nathanson@endeavorth.org.


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