Endeavor provides services to Veterans, Service members, and their immediate families free-of-charge. All Endeavor staff are certified by PATH Intl.® (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) and/or EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association). We have a mental health practitioner on site at all times if a need arises, however, tasks and sessions are built around recreation, sport, skills, and problem solving without required discussion of feelings. We offer the following year round programs and offer week long camps as the schedule allows:

  • Therapeutic Riding Lessons: Therapeutic Riding is a recreational and sport-based activity that focuses on learning riding skills. We offer progressive and individualized riding classes on a weekly basis for 30 minutes for an individual and 45 minutes for a group. Participants can choose to follow our current semester of classes or enroll in an agreed upon time frame. Weight limit is 180 lbs. Participants over 180 lbs that would like to ride will be evaluated to see if we can safely accommodate their request. Open to Service members, Veterans, and immediate family members.

  • Ground Horsemanship Lessons: We believe that time out of the saddle is just as beneficial as time in the saddle. Working in the barn and around the farm with the horses, participants learn horse skills from grooming and leading to healthcare and exercise. Lessons are 30 minutes for a private and 45 minutes for a group. Participants can choose to follow our current semester of classes or enroll in an agreed upon time frame. Open to Service members, Veterans, and immediate family members.

  • Combined Ground Horsemanship and Riding: On request, Endeavor can combine the above programs for a 60 minute private or a 90-minute group lesson.

  • EAGALA: The EAGALA model incorporates horses experientially for emotional growth. The EAGALA Model is a solution-focused collaboration among a licensed mental health professional, an equine specialist, and horses working together with clients. Sessions are approximately 60 minutes. Open to Service members, Veterans, and immediate family members.

To enroll or find out more about this program, please email


“I want to begin by saying thank you! Thank you for giving me a chance to meet you and the wonderful staff at Endeavor. This experience was nothing short of remarkable in every way. Your team provided exceptional care and knowledge on all your horses and the program as to how it relates to PTSD and Addiction with Veterans. It was because of this program I was able to really see my strengths and weaknesses come to light.

I am a 13 year Veteran with 3 Combat tours to Iraq, to include Baghdad, Kirkuk, and Tikrit. During my time in Iraq, I was awarded 3 Purple Hearts and a Bronze star of Valor for my actions that took place. It was because of these wounds that I held away from people and tried to not get close to anyone or anything.

Endeavor changed all that! When I was there with the horses, I had to learn to be mindful, calm, steady, and smooth when dealing with the horses. We never got to learn the horse’s trauma, but we did get to learn their pain as they did ours. I wanted to learn everything about the horses, their fears, hopes, and struggles. But true to your word I was stopped in my tracks from getting information “Even though I tried really hard”. But that’s the beauty in this program. It makes you look deep inside of yourself and that other opponent and see what’s making you both tick.

Working with Pearl, I was able to learn more than just words but feelings too. As I worked beside her I could feel her every move, every breath, and every gaze. Now I’m not too sure about most but when she looked into my eyes I felt as though she could see into my very soul. I learned how pain locked us and understanding of what’s around made us. Her and I were creatures of many levels and thanks to her I was able to breathe and clear my mind.

For a combat Veteran, it’s not easy to do this and it can often be a struggle. Endeavor allowed this to happen, you made this happen. I am truly grateful for you and your staff and if there is anything I can ever do for you or your program, please let me know. You all are in my thoughts and I truly won’t forget about this.. I believe this program can help anyone who it touches and is a fantastic tool for a Veteran’s recovery…”

- S.E., US Army Veteran
“To Endeavor Staff,

Thank you all for having this program for us Vets. I wish more Vets would go to Endeavor, like me they would realize how peaceful and such a state of enjoyment it brings. The horses and setting are such a joy that most of us have forgotten about. This experience will stay with me for the rest of my life, in hard times I’ll think about Endeavor and smile. Thank you all so much, keep it going please.”

- A.A., Veterans Program participant
“Dear Friends,

I wish to thank you for “saving” me. You and Miss Maple brought me back, I was in deep depression and I suffer from PTSD. I have to admit, the first time I was around a horse I was scared like a kid, but in time I bonded with Maple. She saved me, I’m more open now, feel good about myself again, and I truly miss everybody there. You changed my life for the better. I hope you keep doing what you are doing for Vets like me, it really helps dealing with our “issues.” I will always remember your kindness, and of course “Maple,” she will always have a special place in my heart. I will always be grateful for what you’ve done for me, may God bless you all.”

- W.H.S., US Navy, Veterans Program participant
“It is hard to gather the words to capture the Equine Program you provided to the veterans from the VA in Montrose from June-November 2016. From the day of inception, you all went out of your way to accommodate any needs we had. I knew from the initial phone call I had that all was going to be ok. That wasn’t even close to describe what happened each week. For the entire 6 months miracles happened for every vet who had the gift of Endeavor. Vets were having feelings/thoughts they didn’t know how to deal with while involved in the program. They were crying, laughing, struggling, trying, etc with the gift of the horses being there to help them through whatever was going on at the time. And they all came through with life altering experiences that they are still talking about.

You all were an integral part of this positive therapeutic program. And for that, I and the vets are forever grateful. “

- Amy Hahn, CTRS, Recreation Therapist - Homeless, Substance Abuse and Fitness Program at Montrose VA Facility