Our equine partners are worth their weight in gold, and keeping them happy and healthy is a priority at Endeavor. You can help off-set some of the costs to give our herd the TLC they deserve, by joining our Sponsor-A-Steed program. Your participation would help ensure that our horses receive the best care possible, and that our participants receive all the benefits of quality equine-assisted activities and therapies. You can be assured that your gift will touch many lives and will be deeply appreciated by all at Endeavor.

You may sponsor our horses for one month to one year, and if you decide to honor a specific horse for one year or more, a plaque with your name will go on their stall door. Your tax–deductible donation will pay for our horses' feed, hay, shavings, veterinary, dental and farrier care, massage, chiropractics, acupuncture and any supplies they might require to do their jobs. Any donations that exceed our herd's care will go into an Emergency Horse Care Fund to ensure that all of our horses are covered for any situation.

Can’t decide? Meet our herd and see who strikes your fancy. Already have one in mind? Email Rose.Rothe@Endeavorth.org for more information on how to Sponsor-A-Steed.


Cost to Sponsor a Steed:

Below are the actual upkeep costs associated with our herd. By sponsoring different amounts of time with an equine, we hope to offer a variety of experiences that enable you to bond with your horse and learn more about his or her wonderful, unique character.


1 Month: $625

Our horses work 6 days a week and thoroughly enjoy their down time. Come spend up to an hour with your sponsored steed and learn how to brush and bond with your horse.


3 Months: $1,875

Includes 1-month experience, plus you will receive letters and photos from the individuals your horse works with in program.


6 Months: $3,750

Includes 3-month experience, plus lunch at the farm. We will set up a picnic for you and a group of up to 6 to enjoy brunch or lunch with your horse.


1 Year: $7,500

Includes 6-month experience, plus a riding lesson or ground training lesson with your horse (depending his or her size) and a plaque with your name on the stall door.

Endeavor is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in the states of New York and Connecticut.

Our donors' privacy is important to us. We will never share or sell a donor's personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations.