Marny Mansfield (her real name is Margaret, but she has been known as "Marny" since she was 7!) is our Program Director. She is responsible for developing and running all of Endeavor’s programming, including our direct service work and our professional development services. In addition to being a certified Occupational Therapist, Marny is one of only 28 PATH Intl.® Master Instructors, making her one of the most knowledgeable therapeutic horsemanship professionals in the world!

Laura Stringer, Special Programs Manager, has been with Endeavor since it was founded. In her role, she supports all of the programs the organization runs and also oversees all the volunteer trainings and orientations. Horses have always been a passion for Laura – in addition to being a longtime rider, she was also an equine vet tech (how many people do you know who can help birth a baby horse?!) with a PATH specialization in Mental Health and Learning.

2015 PATH Intl. Professional of the Year award winner for Region 2, Emily Wygod serves as an Endeavor instructor and also the organization’s Board President. An accomplished hunter and jumper, Emily’s life-long love of horses combines with her psychology degree from Duke to fuel her deep commitment to equine therapy. When she isn’t at the Endeavor Barn, she is planning her October 2015 wedding (and has yet to decide if she will gallop down the aisle on horseback!)

As Program Associate, Kelly Slonaker supports all aspects of Endeavor’s direct service and administrative operations. A North Salem native, a fluent French speaker and a graduate of St. Andrew’s University in Scotland (unfortunately, Will and Kate had graduated by the time Kelly got there!), Kelly uses her previous experience as an equine-assisted therapy instructor and caretaker to the real benefit of the organization.

Tamlyn Nathanson spends her days in the Endeavor Barn as the Program and Volunteer Coordinator (and her nights on Broadway as stage management and production professional for a host of leading shows!). She has responsibility for coordinating all program and volunteer schedules and is working towards her PATH certification (and teaching the horses to bow – just kidding!)

Endeavor’s Barn Manager, Danielle Yacko, oversees everything at Endeavor related to the horses, including their feed and their healthcare (no wonder she is among their favorite people!), and the barn, especially farm supplies and equipment.

Endeavor’s day-to-day wouldn’t be possible without the help of wonderful caretaker, Efrain Guevara. He feeds, waters and turns out the horses, and keeps the barn sparkling clean. The horses (and barn cat) love seeing his friendly face every morning!


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