FRANKIE is a 12-year-old draft cross who has spent his life doing a little bit of everything. Frankie can jump, do dressage, and is a trail riding pro. He competed a bit before coming to Endeavor, and took his owner’s two young daughters for rides as well. With his sweet nature and willing attitude, it’s no surprise that Frankie took to program right away. Give those giant ears of his a good scratch, and you’ll have a friend for life!



GOLIATH is a 17-year-old liver chestnut pony. He helped many young riders succeed in the show ring during his last career, and even visited a grocery store to help sell Girl Scout cookies (we’re betting the Thin Mints were his favorite)! His experience with children has made him a fantastic mount for independent riders, as well as our hippotherapy clients.


Harrison Ford

"FORD" is a 10-year-old Shetland pony who was born into a semi-feral herd run by New Bolton Veterinary School. This multi-talented pony helped teach vet students basic equine and veterinary skills before learning how to drive a carriage and be ridden. He even dabbled in some (small) jumping! He is loving program and is working on becoming our traveling ambassador pony.



JOEY, aka "Rabin" is an 18-year-old Hanoverian Warmblood gelding who competed in Hunters and Jumpers before landing at Endeavor. He is sweet, gentle, playful and has an eye for the ladies (especially Maple). At 17.1 hands high, he is one of the tallest members of our herd, but we're pretty sure he'd love to climb into your pocket if he'd fit.



KODA is a 14-year-old draft cross who came from an equine rescue that found him in a kill lot. This sweet boy is loving his new life in therapeutic horsemanship, and is a natural at his job. Koda is affected by Horner's Syndrome, a non-life-threatening combination of symptoms that arises when a group of nerves known as the sympathetic trunk is damaged. This is why you may see Koda sweating only on his left side, or may have noticed that he's usually wearing his sun-shield fly mask for extra eye protection!



KOKO is an 18-year-old quarter horse pony. Koko had never done therapeutic horsemanship before Endeavor, but he took to it like a champion! He is great for riders learning to go off-lead because he is patient, kind, and listens very well. His riders like to give him affectionate nicknames like Mr. Kokonut Tree.



MAPLE is an 8-year-old Belgian Draft mare who was born at Lockehaven Farm in New Hampshire. This gentle giant competed in trail classes and horsemanship as a filly, and she loves to swim. Endeavor is only the second home Maple has ever known, but she has settled in beautifully with the help of her best friend, Pearl. 



PEARL is a 17-year-old Arabian who was born in Vermont as "WB Pearlie Mae." Pearl is sweet, sensitive, and smart, and she prefers spending time with her friends to alone time. She has competed in Endurance, and also hails from Lockehaven Farm in New Hampshire, where she lived with her best friend, Maple, for many years.



PELUSA (which means "fluff" in Spanish) is a 22-year-old Argentine Thoroughbred mare who had an extensive career as a polo pony before joining our herd at Endeavor. She led polo players to many victories before sharing her skills with new riders and teaching them how to play the sport. She is a patient, polite and wise ruler of the herd, and gets along with everyone!



SMOKEY, whose official name is "Blackburn Copper Max," (but who also goes by the affectionate name, "Meatball") is a 13-year-old dun Quarter Horse. Smokey worked in physical therapy sessions for many years before coming to Endeavor, and he has a strong love for children (and their toys). He loves to play and have fun, but is also a hard worker. You can recognize him by his long, flowing mane! 

Princess Z.jpg


Zee is a horse with many names! Also known as "Princess Zee" and "Bryhyl Zephyr," she is a 13-year-old Norwegian Fjord mare who was born in Vermont. Zee loves working with children, and spent time at a farm in the Catskills before joining the herd at Endeavor. She is sweet, funny, and playful, and is sometimes referred to as "Miss Piggy" for the grunting sounds she makes when food or one of her friends is near.