Featuring Harrison Ford

Yes, you read that correctly – Harrison Ford is a favorite at our barn! At eleven hands high, this little pony is just as cool as his namesake, and steals the hearts of everyone he meets. His (human) mom, Dr. Laura Faulkner, is an Endeavor board member and one of our amazing veterinarians from Miller & Associates, and Laura’s work as a vet is actually how she met Harrison Ford. “Ford” was born into a semi-feral herd run by New Bolton Veterinary School, where he helped teach students basic equine and veterinary skills. From there, he learned how to drive a carriage and be ridden, and enjoyed some time at Martha Stewart’s house (all the organic apples he could want!) before settling in at Endeavor. He loves program and got to brush up on his cart driving skills this past fall. You may see him driving down Succabone Road this spring! Stop by and meet this little wonder pony, and let him smell your hair (that’s his favorite way to say hello).