Endeavor offers year round therapeutic riding and ground programs to individuals with physical, cognitive, emotional, and social needs; at-risk group homes and day programs; and any family members of a qualified participant. Our enrollment paperwork is available to download below, and you can access our annual calendar here

Once the paperwork is completed and returned to Endeavor, new riders will be scheduled for a brief private riding session and an evaluation interview with participants and parents/caregivers to identify and discuss goals, determine appropriate class, equine partner, and instructor. The cost for a therapeutic riding evaluation is $60, and the cost for a therapy evaluation is dependent upon the professional service rendered. Participants are then scheduled in program based on availability and suitability within class schedule. If Endeavor is unable to accommodate a rider, he or she will be placed on a waiting list until an appropriate class becomes available.

Participants must be a minimum of 4 years of age to enroll in therapeutic riding and ground programs, and a minimum of 2 years of age to enroll in hippotherapy sessions.

All program related questions, including those regarding scheduling and fees, can be directed to program@endeavorth.org, or you may call 914-241-0211.

All forms must be completed prior to evaluation and participation. Please keep information pages for future reference. The below forms are required by Endeavor:

  1. Participant’s Application and Health History

  2. Participant’s Team Collaboration 

  3. Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment 

  4. Liability Release and Photo Release

  5. Medical History and Physician’s Statement – to be completed by physician **needs to be renewed annually

  6. Ethics and Safety Standards

Please download and read the Participant Handbook, which includes more of Endeavor's policies, safety protocol, and program and enrollment information.


Up to 3 mounted lessons/therapy sessions may be held on the ground due to weather. Any additional lessons/therapy sessions that are cancelled due to weather will be made up or credited to the next session.


Endeavor expects consistent attendance by all participants. If participants/clients are unable to attend a regularly scheduled lesson/therapy session, notifications must be made by calling (914) 241-0211, or by emailing the Program and Volunteer Coordinator at Endeavor. Please call-in cancellations at least 24 hours in advance. This enables us to notify instructors and volunteers in a timely manner. Cancellations are still charged the lesson fee; a make-up lesson will not be provided for cancellations unless it is due to a medical emergency. 

If Endeavor needs to cancel classes/therapy sessions due to unforeseen circumstances, Endeavor will cancel at least two hours before the scheduled lesson/therapy session and notify participants accordingly. Notifications will be provided by personal phone calls, the Endeavor website and Facebook, and a recorded message on the Endeavor answering machine. A ground lesson/therapy session may be provided instead of a mounted lesson/therapy session. Any Endeavor cancelled lesson will be made up or credited to the next program session. Lateness of 15 minutes or more will be considered a cancellation. 

Any requests for exceptions to this policy must be made at the time of enrollment. Participants must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver until the start of program activities and upon completion of activities.

Please note: if the participant cancels from program after scheduling is completed and prior to the start of the session, there will be a $100.00 cancellation fee. If the participant cancels after the session has started, the participant is responsible for full payment of the session.


Participants should wear long pants for the comfort of the riders. Hard-soled shoes with heels are preferred. Sturdy shoes/boots that offer foot protection and are comfortable to walk on uneven terrain are required. Clothing should be appropriate (no inappropriate pictures/words on clothing). Shirts and pants should cover personal parts (shirt cut should be no lower than 1” below collar bone, pants secure around hips). Tank tops need to have 2 inch shoulder strap. Supportive undergarments should be worn (sports bras for girls/women, athletic underwear for boys/men). Coats should be zipped when worn.  Dangly jewelry should be avoided as it could be a safety concern. All items must be removed from the mouth prior to program (gum, hard candy, etc.). All riders are required to wear ASTM-SEI approved helmets during all program activities. 

Endeavor recommends that participants purchase their own helmet. Helmets are available for evaluation purposes. Rider owned helmets must be ASTM-SEI approved for horseback riding and must fit properly. 


Endeavor's current weight limit is 180 lbs to participate in therapeutic riding and other mounted activities.