An Interview with Coby Kilion

Endeavor is very fortunate to serve and work with so many wonderful individuals, and we love sharing the stories of how they’ve been impacted by horses. We talked to 15-year-old Coby Kilion, who has been riding for five years – two of those at Endeavor – about his experience with horses. Coby was the recipient of Endeavor’s Independent Rider of the Year Award at our 2016 Horse Show, and participates in therapeutic riding and ground horsemanship at Endeavor. 

How did you first become interested in horses?
I have always loved animals and when I had the chance to work and ride with horses I took the opportunity.

What have you learned from your time with horses? 
I have learned how to post, canter and jump. But also, learned how to communicate with horses as well as establishing relationships with them.

Which horse has had the biggest impact on you and why?
Stryker has definitely made a huge impact on me. In my opinion, we go together like bread and butter. Stryker loves to canter as much as I do, and generally enjoys each lesson.

Apart from riding, what do you like to do in your free time? 
In my free time, I love to ride bicycles and unicycles, I enjoy reading a lot and playing musical instruments.

What would you like to do when you grow up? 
When I grow up, I would like to go to medical school to be a surgeon. Medicine has always interested me, and I always want to help people.

What’s your biggest goal when it comes to horses? 
My biggest goal when it comes to horses, is to be a strong, independent rider (which I am already beginning to become).  

What’s something you’ve accomplished with horses that you’re really proud of?
I have accomplished a lot working with Endeavor, I am very proud of my posting trot abilities, also my cantering, jumping and control over the horse while riding. I also feel accomplished in sharing connections to horses, which is truly a spectacular thing. I will never forget the first time I jumped, which to me was the coolest thing I had done at the time. I was petrified at first but ended up loving it! I will never forget that session.

What do you like about coming to Endeavor?
At Endeavor, I love working with the horses as well as the staff and volunteers. The horses at Endeavor are beyond incredible, and the staff are by far the nicest people I have ever known. I always feel at home and very welcomed, and I love learning new things, which I do every session.


All of us at Endeavor are so proud of Coby and his accomplishments, and we feel truly lucky to know this young horseman. Keep up the great work, Coby!